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..its what you do to me<3

Brigiddd yo <3
2 February
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i'm brigid.
abercrombie and fitch, acoustic, aim, america's next top model, aol, ashton kutcher, bam, bands, battle of the sexes, beach, beaches, beautiful, best friends, billabong, boys, boys in bands, brad pitt, brand new, california, chad michael murray, cherry coke, chocolate, christmas, clothes, coach, coheed and cambria, computer, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, degrassi, derek jeter, diamonds, dogs, dvds, emo, eyeliner, eyes, family guy, fashion, fate, fireflies, flip flops, football players, fresh prince, friends, funny movies, goo goo dolls, gossip, green, green day, guess, guys, guys with guitars, hair, hearts, hollister, hot pink, hugs, hurley, i love the 90's, inside jokes, jason mraz, jeans, jewelery, john mayer, johnny depp, journals, kisses, lacrosse, layouts, lipgloss, livejournal, local bands, love, lux courageous, magazines, makeup, mall, maroon 5, memories, movie stars, movies, mtv, music, napoleon dynamite, new york city, nirvana, one tree hill, orbit, orlando bloom, partying, pasta, penguins, perfume, pictures, pink, poems, poetry, pretty in pink, privacy, puppies, rain, roller coasters, romantic movies, roses, roxy, ryan gosling, scary movies, school spirit, sephora, shaggy hair, shane west, shia lebouf, shirley temple, shoes, shopping, shows, silver, sleeping, snl, soccer, sports, spring, stars, story of the year, sugar, summer, sun, sunsets, surfers, sweatpants, taking back sunday, talking, the lion king, the used, the vines, the yankees, tiffanys, tilt, tom hanks, traveling, tv, tyler hilton, weezer, will ferrell, winter, yellowcard, you,